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Are you suffering from hot flashes or loss of sex drive?

Are you experiencing sleeplessness or suffering from memory loss?

Are you worried about your bones, your heart, and your arteries?


Sangel can help you with every single one of these symptoms.


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Functions of SANGEL

Sangel, unlike hormone replacement therapies, does not have a direct hormonal action and does not produce unwanted side effects. It works by helping the female body to produce its own natural form of progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin without affecting the other functions of the pituitary gland. Sangel will not cause the production of excess amounts of progesterone.

Sangel is helpful in reestablishing hormonal balance. It is also useful when period is irregular or when there is profuse bleeding during pre-menopause or menopause.



Sangel is for adult women at

*Pre-Menopause (around 40 – 45 years old)

*Menopause (around 50 years old)

*Post Menopause (around 55 – 60 years old)



Sangel is extracted from natural herbs, including Angelica root, Safflower, Ginseng, Indian buead, Epimedium herb, Spina date seed, and Barbary wolfberry fruit.



After just 3 bottles of Sangel you will notice great improvements in your physical and emotional health. You will feel it in your skin. You will sleep better. Your spirit and your sex life will improve. You will begin renewing your womanhood. After 4 to 6 bottles you will find yourself enjoying the full menopause while enjoying a zesty lifestyle, all without risking the harsh side-effects of expensive.



  1. “I am happy taking Sangel, knowing it is a herbal mixure with none of those risky replacement hormones…”

____Mei Xiao, age 54, Monterey Park, CA


  1. “With Sangel I am now saving money by not buying creams and my skin feels much softer. We all have to take care of ourselves, so thank you Sangel.”

_____Charlotte T., age 63, Richmond , WA


  1. “I have taken Sangel for 10 days. I already sleep better. My night sweats have stopped, and I have a new sexual appetite. My orgasms are much stronger, with greater muscle contractions…”

———Barbara F., age 46, Edmonton, Albert, Canada

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