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About Us

    Viker Manufacture Co.Ltd was founded in 2000 in the beautiful garden city of Vancouver,Canada.

    Viker has many technicians and professionals developing products as well as standardized producing and managing systems. During the past few years, Viker has successfully developed several kinds of daily supplement with notable effects and cosmetics with obvious (clear) biological activity. Taking advantage of the beautiful natural environment and rich herbal resource of North America, Viker will combine their experience in developing Chinese medicinal formulas with modern technological means to continue presenting a variety of natural herbal health foods that enhance the immune system meeting the needs of an increasingly health-conscious public.

    “Love health, care about lives,” is the tenet of all Vicker’s staff. Under this tenet, every one of Viker’s original products has passed the test of safety and nontoxicity.

    Using Vicker will fulfill your life with love and romance by ensuring you a healthy body. When you need to care for yourself, Viker will always be there for you.