Slimmer (Glucomannan)


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Konjac glucomannan (Konjac extract) is the soluble fiber, which does not contain starch, sugar and calories. It is a natural healthy food. It is considered to be soluble as a result of its ability to form a solution of very high viscosity in water and decreased food intake.



Take one bag before breakfast every morning. Stir one bag of mixture well with about 200ml of warm water and drink immediately. Recommended drink more water. If you need to support regular bowel movements or better weight loss results, you can take SLM-Glucomannan two times a day. When you have obvious change or reach your target weight, you can adjust to regular dosage one bag each day. SLM-Glucomannan can regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglycerides level, protect the blood vessel as well as good choose to keep your heart healthy.

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