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Are you suffering from hot flashes or loss of sex drive?

Are you experiencing sleeplessness or suffering from memory loss?

Are you worried about your bones, your heart, and your arteries?

Mangel can help you with every single one of these symptoms.

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Functions of Mangel

Mangel, unlike hormone replacement therapies, does not have a direct hormonal action and does not produce unwanted side effects. It works by helping the male body to produce its own natural form of androgen without affecting the other functions of the pituitary gland. Mangel will not cause the production of excess amounts of ANDROGEN.

Mangel is helpful in reestablishing hormonal balance. It is good for Andropause.

Enjoy the change of your life

Greet andropause with a healthier heart, improved memory and stronger bones, and enjoy a great sex life. Why risk expensive chemical hormone replacement therapy? Go the natural way. Keep your testosterone healthy and happy with Mangel.

Recommended use or purpose:

What Mangel do for you?

Mangel is for adult men before 40 to 65.

If you have experienced a loss sex drive, decreased sexual interest, anxiety and agitation, insomnia, sweating, depression memory loss. Long term supplement it can also help keep your kidney, liver and spleen health.

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